At ELEFANT FILMS we are committed to excellent service. General inquiries may be handled during normal business hours. Calls that are received outside of standard business hours will be handled by our emergency support team.

If you are seeking information about our services, availability or technical support please
e-mail us. Please send your equipment list as an attachment or in the email body:

Or call us directly with any questions you may have @ (888)435-3326
Location 1
132 Banker St, Brooklyn NY 11222 (Off N15th & Berry St)
(please call before you visit)
Hours of operation
M-F 8am-5pm
Location 2
470 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn NY 11205
(Please no drop in visits to second location)
(If you have trouble reaching us or if you have after hour requests please email us and we will get back to you promptly)

For all general inquiries, sales, tech support and faxes please dial

1-888 435-3326

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