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**$899/Day, $1099/Weekend, $1299/Week**


(1x) Aputure 600D

(1x) Aputure 300D

Choice of 1 of the Following Modifier: Light Dome II, Fresnel, Lantern

(1x) ARRI SkyPanel S30-C

(2x) 2' Bi-Color Quasar Tubes

(1x) Dana Dolly

(2x) Low Combi Stands

(2x) 6' Speedrail

(4x) 50' Extension Cord

(6x) 25' Extension Cord

(4x) Quad Box

(6x) 40" C-Stand

(3x) Beefy Baby (3-Rise)

(2x) Cardellini End Jaw

(2x) Cardellini Center Jaw

(4x) Mafer W/Pin

(2x) Duckbill

(2x) Gaffer Clamp

(2x) Grip Head 2 1/2"

(1x) C-Clamp 8" (Studded)

(2x) Scissor Clamp

(2x) Pigeon 3" (750/Baby Pin)

(4x) Spring Clamp (Large) 3"

(4x) Spring Clamp (Medium) 2"

(4x) Spring Clamp (Small) 1"

(1x) Apple Box Family

(10x) Sandbag (25LB)

Choice of 1 of the Following Flag Kits:

(1x) 4x4 Flag Kit

(1x) 24x36 Flag Kit

(1x) 18x24 Flag Kit

Elefant Package (3)

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