**$799/Day, $999/Weekend, $1099/Week**


(Choice of 1 of the Following HMI): (2x) Arri 1.2Par, (2x) 800W Joker, (2x) 400W Joker, (2x) 200W Joker

(2x) KinoFlo 4' x 4Bank Kits

(2x) KinoFlo 2' x 4Bank Kits

(2x) 150W Fresnel

(2x) 300W Fresenl

(2x) 650W Fresnel

(2x) 1K Fresnel

(2x) 2K Fresnel

(4x) 1K Dimmer

(2x) 2K Dimmer

(2x) 100' Extension COrd

(10x) 50' Extension Cord

(10x) 25' Extension Cord

(4x) Quad Box

(2x Hi-Rollers)

(2x) Medium Rollers

(2x) Triple Riser Rolling Combi Stands

(4x) Beefy Baby Stands (3-Rise)

(2x) Low Rolling Stands

(8x) 40" C-Stand

(4x) Kit Stand (Large)

(1x) 8' Ladder

(4x) Cardellini End Jaw

(4x) Cardellini Center Jaw

(2x) C-Clamp 8" (Studded)

(2x) C-Clamp 6" (Studded)

(2x) Duckbill

(4x) Furniture Clamp 18" W/Bar Adapter

(4x) Grip Head 2 1/2"

(6x) Mafer W/Pin

(4x) 750 Pipe Clamp

(4x) Ratchet Straps

(2x) 40" Arms

(2x) Autopoles (Large)

(2x) Autopoles (Medium)

(8x) Spring Clamp (Large) 3"

(8x) Spring Clamp (Medium) 2"

(8x) Spring Clamp (Small) 1"

(16x) Sandbag (25LB)

(6x) Shotbag (15LB)

(2x) Apple Box Families

(2x) 10' Speedrail

(1x) 4x4 Flag Kit

(1x) 24x36 Flag Kit

(1x) 18x24 Flag Kit

(1x) 8x8 Frame

(1x) 8x8 Silk

(1x) 12x12 Frame

(1x) 12x12 Silk

Elefant Package (8)